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Do Not Feed the Crazy

I haven't posted anything here in almost three years. Truth be told, I'd largely forgotten about this place, and all of the memories (and bitching) I'd stored here over the course of the seven years that I maintained it.

I've gone back and made most of the entries private. My intention was to do all of them, but Livejournal has made that such a tedious process that I'm sure I missed some in my slog back through memory lane.

Why private? Because I recently found out my words had been misinterpreted by someone who was using them to fuel her obsession with someone else. (People, seriously, if you don't see names associated with stories on the interwebz, don't assume you know who they're about.)

On the other hand, here are some Things That I've Learned in my trip back through the entries here:
1. I've had a lot of interesting hairstyles over the years.
2. My first instinct upon leaving any job is to dye my hair pink.
3. Some of my jobs have been really unhealthy.
4. I used to get sick...a lot.
5. Full-time "normal" employment really may not be the best thing for me.
6. I get a killer case of tonsillitis every 3 years.
7. I used to go out a lot. I wonder why that stopped, and if I should start it up again.
8. I've had a lot of interesting adventures/relationships with boys.
9. Two of those relationships really had legs. They both ultimately imploded due to bad communication.

So, there you go. This might be the last thing I post here. Or maybe I'll be back in a few more years for another drive-by.


You are a NUT!!!! and yes over the years i have noticed your hairstyles go all which way but none the less i loved them all!!! Hopefully we will see you in another few years.. maybe even days? who knows ;)
You didn't already realize that you've always dyed your hair pink upon leaving a job? For someone into pattern recognition, that one sure took you awhile to figure out. ;)

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